Goosano Cover Image 150pixAn American Bonehead & The Quest For His Cuban Roots





Tour diaries with Tijuana Hercules & Unicycle Loves You





Tony Mendoza: Winner Or Loser?

In 2010 I evaluated each day as a personal victory or defeat.  At the end of the year it was determined if I was a winner or a loser




The Mush Behind Your Tongue & Cheek

A tour diary with The Bitter Tears, covering the midwest, the east coast, and Europe.




Solitary Van

They gave me four days and $1200 to drive alone from New Mexico to Chicago.  So I did.





Spoken Wordings

The Paper Machete

A piece remembering Don Kirshner for Chicago’s weekly salon in a saloon.

Third Coast Festival

“The New Pleasant Revolution”, a bit about car horns.

58 • A Comedy About Bike Messengessengering

One time I wrote a play about my experiences as a bike messenger.

It won Outstanding Musical at the 2006 New York International Fringe Festival.