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Month: January, 2014

February 5 • Last Reading presents CREEPS!

This Wednesday I will be performing a luridly creepy piece for the Last Reading Series, hosted by the lovely Beau Golwitzer.

It should be horrid.
Won’t you come?

creep flyer

French Goodbye • “Almost Home” (demo)

Almost Home • HedgwitchBefore life gets busy, I’ll post demos of new music under the moniker French Goodbye.
“Almost Home” is about moving/running away, with nods to improv.
The original lyric was “We said ‘yes and’, got led astray”.
But that seemed a bit bitter.

Not sure what to do about music.
I keep making it.
A few people like it and say so.
That number is accurate.
The idea is get these songs out of laptop purgatory.
So they’ll emerge in demo quality, recorded on consumer quality gear.
Until life gets busy again.

Artwork by Michael McGinley.
2011.  Gouache on paper.
Michael McGinley