Tony Mendoza

humorist & musician

Month: October, 2013


Friendly creeps Andrew Peyton and George McAuliffe created this evil short.
It’s called Stalker.
I scored the film, and contributed two original songs.
“Bonafide Stalker” and “Slice of Life”.
Stalker also stars Allison Bills, Wes Haney, Ben Seeder and Mark Vannier.

Nurse Novels • Poof! • On Sale Now

Here’s a link to the new Nurse Novels record.
It’s the best!
We aren’t a band anymore.
In fact, this is our second posthumous release.
It’s #1!
It was recorded by Greg Norman.
He was in The Bitter Tears.
He plays horns on it.
Also Alan and Mike from Bitter Tears play on it, too.
The Bitter Tears aren’t a band anymore.
They were the best!
Nicole Vitale from Unicycle Loves You plays and sings on the album.
She moved to NYC with that band/her husband.
She’s #1!
Thea, Tom, and I from Let’s Get Out Of This Terrible Sandwich Shop played on this album.
Sandwich Shop broke up before The Nurse Novels broke up.
We were the worst!