Tijuana Hercules • Shakin’ It For The Locals

by Tony Mendoza

JOHN v. FORBES has been a BUSY BEAVER this summer.
I’ve had the PLEASURE of joining him on some recent CAPERS.
A few other ADVENTURES are lined up, with more in the works.
Come check out TIJUANA HERCULES.

Tijuana Hercules
August 29 • Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar, Chicago IL
September 14 • Cole’s Bar, Chicago IL
September 26 • Live Wire Lounge, Chicago IL
September 27 • Talk Hard Variety Hour @ ComedySportz, Chicago IL
September 28 • Y-Not III, Milwaukee WI

Read up on our revisit to DUBUQUE, IOWA.
Then listen to this BONKERS FREAKOUT from the forth-coming extendo-player MUDSLOD.
Finally, dig this KOO KOO VIDEO for “PANTHER CRAWL”.
It was HAND animated from SCRATCH by JOHN v. FORBES!
Jammin’ on the 1!
TH • Tony Dubuque 2013