Nurse Novels • Poof! • Releases October 1

by Tony Mendoza

Nurse Novels • Poof!
Releases October 1, 2013

Chicago no longer needed any more bands.
Respectfully, The Nurse Novels bowed out.
But not before quietly knocking out one more album.
They called it Poof!
And vanished.


1.  Wimps
2.  Mary Hartman (Episodes 1-25)
3.  Money Man
4.  Emptiness In Yes And
5.  Carnie’s Gone
6.  Water Bed
7.  Popsicle Moon
8.  Budget Graffiti
9.  Ferris Wheel Test, 1893
10.  Unbreakable Pocket Comb
11.  Kaye Bee
12.  Prom Sniffles

When purchased on bandcamp, the full length album includes an EP of home recordings and other assorted garbage.

Rejection Hawaii EP
13. Conscientious Objector
14. I Don’t Have Much To Say
15. I Am Aware Of You
16. Jackpot of Bees
17. Sunday Maria
18. Snowcomber

Other Assorted Garbage
19. Ferris Wheel Rules
20. Ferris Wheel Patrons
21. Nurse Novels Ringtone For Your Phone

Thea Lux • Guitar, Vocals
Tony Mendoza • Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals
Tom Vale • Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Nicole Vitale • Bass, Vocals

Alan Scalpone • Horns, Accordion, Bass Clarinet
Michael McGinley • Fiddle
Greg Norman • Horns
Lauren Dowden • French Horn

Recorded by Greg Norman at Studio Greg Studios II

Artwork by Allan Kass