The Nurse Novels release Frozen Muzak

by Tony Mendoza

And quietly in the night, without fanfare, my ghost band The Nurse Novels released their debut album.  Give it a spin or a purchase.

This is a digital release only*

The Nurse Novels were:

Thea Lux • guitar, keyboards, vocals

Tony Mendoza • drums, keyboards, vocals

Tom Vale • guitar, keyboards, vocals

Nicole Vitale • bass, vocals


America needed one more band. So two men and two women got together in Chicago to form it.

They settled on the name The Nurse Novels. It would have to do.

For one year, the two men and two women focused on making an album.  Songs were constructed from the following topics:



Cruise Ships

Manifest Destiny

Mad Mike Metrovich

Old Friends Overseas

Beauty Shop Meltdowns

Childhood Fears of Death

Escorts at Black Tie Events

Auditioning For Commercials

Sock Hops In Abandoned Buildings

Manson Family Values vs. Gentrification

They decided to name it Frozen Muzak.

The Nurse Novels enjoyed making the album so much, they recorded 11 more songs as a follow up and then mysteriously vanished.

But why?

And when?

Where did they go?

Whatever became of The Nurse Novels?


*In the event that you enjoy physical product, a limited edition Frozen Muzak CD-R with hand-drawn cover art will be available on the Unicycle Loves You Failure Tour this spring. 

See me at the merch table.