The Paper Machete • February 11

by Tony Mendoza

Thea Lux and I met in 2004.

I was a bike messenger and she worked for a company that constantly videotaped every TV show on every channel.

After 20 beers one day, she joined my one-man-joke-band and we became involved.

Then I cast her in my one-man-show-with-people about bike messengering.

These things lasted a while, but not forever.

Today we remain friends, though she may not employ this term as freely as I do.

She wrote a She & Him type song for The Paper Machete this week.

I will play Him to Thea’s She, for which I’ve grown earnest but inadequate facial hair.

The Paper Machete • A Live Magazine

Saturday, February 11 • 3pm

The Horseshoe • 4115 N Lincoln, Chicago • Free