1996 Tony Montana Aircheck Cassette

by Tony Mendoza

Between 1994-1997 I worked as a disc jockey for 93.7 KCLB in Palm Springs, California.  It was a small market AOR station operating out of a remote carrot patch in tiny (pre-Coachella Fest) Coachella.  I went by the moniker Tony Montana.

As a radio personality, I was given carte blanche, and mostly stuck to derivative, second hand Letterman bits with Jon Spencer interjections.  My style could be classified as undisciplined smart assery.

In 1996, I compiled an aircheck tape that I sent out to alternative stations in larger markets in hopes of breaking out of the miserable, soul-searing desert.  I attempted to show the big boys that I could ramp a song, backsell, read copy, use listener requests, and be funny.

No one bit.

A big thanks to Aaron Burruss, an avid KCLB listener who had become my friend and desert landlord.  Aaron recently unearthed this cassette in a box of other old junk.